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Stuffed Friends

Jellycat Blossom Tessa Bunny Medium

Blossom Tulip Pink Bunny is so glad you came to see her! MEDIUM - H12" X W5"

Mon Ami Pretty Unicorn Plush Toy in Purse Ophelia

Tote around your pet bestie in their very own pretty toy purse! A pint sized Ophelia the Unicorn comes in a beautiful novel velour bag, trimmed in soft glitter tulle and gold handle.

Detachable plush stuffed animal comes inside toy purse

Mon Ami Poppy Baby Doll

A child’s first baby doll is a big deal. Meet Poppy, our soft baby doll who will become an instant hit in the nursery with her pretty pink swing top, floral bloomers with matching head wrap, and striped knit socks.

Cuddle + Kind Little Quinn the Koala 13"

This little koala with his suspenders & sage green pants :) We just love the Cuddle & Kind dolls, all are such keepsakes!
Quinn loves climbing trees everyday – that’s why he lives way at the tippy top of the tallest one!

Jellycat Bashful Black and Cream Puppy Small

Silky-soft and lovingly loyal, Bashful Black & Cream Puppy wants to play all day! His smudgy black patch and sooty tail make him even more adorable!

Cuddle + Kind Little Elliott the Fawn


Birthday: March 30th

I roam a breathtaking forest every day in search of exciting new places and amazing new experiences. Travelling is my passion – it opens my heart, broadens my mind and makes me feel alive. Won’t you come with me? Let’s

Slumberkins Alpaca Snuggler Bundle Copper

Our Slumberkins Alpaca is the most snuggly zen creature around. We developed this Slumberkin with the intention to promote anxiety reduction and stress relief. Our Slumberkins Alpaca is accompanied by a keepsake Slumberkins Affirmation Card.

Plush Talking Turkey

Talk turkey to me with this Talking Turkey Plush. Simply press the chenille and minky plush turkey for 10 different holiday questions and activities. The plush comes with batteries included.

Jellycat Bashful Toffee Puppy Medium

Bashful Toffee Puppy is a gorgeous retriever. This supercute, soft little pup wants to be a guide dog when he grows up. He loves to help people and make friends, almost as much as he loves a tickle behind those toffee ears! Waggy, wide-eyed and wonderful.

Mon Ami Truffles Horse + Purse Set

Kick off her bag obsession with an adorable stuffed animal purse. A pint-sized Truffles the Horse comes in a beautiful toy purse in shades of rose, lemon and chestnut with durable handles for toting everywhere.

Mon Ami Oyster Decor Plush

This pretty pink oyster nursery pillow definitely has a pearl inside. Crafted of lustrous velvet, Mon Ami’s decorative pillow brings whimsy and wonder to a child’s space.
Free Shipping On Orders Over $75
Curbside Pick Up Available
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